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5 ALIVE eBook - 115+ Recipes & Meal Plans
5 ALIVE eBook - 115+ Recipes & Meal Plans


A Simple Nutrition Plan to Stop Surviving & Start Living

By Jenni Oates

Fad diets. Complicated plans. Information overload. Our noble efforts at losing weight and getting healthy aren't working. We have an epidemic of sick, alive people. In other words, we are alive and breathing, but stressed out, overweight, and barely surviving each day.

There is hope! As the perfect companion to BURSTClub's mobile fitness programs, 5 ALIVE is a simple nutrition plan that will equip you to think and eat more ALIVE so you can feel better, reach and maintain a healthy weight, and live life to the fullest. This plan is not weighed down by rules and restrictions; it is free of unhealthy extremes and cuts through the dieting chaos.

5 ALIVE provides you with 115+ recipes that take just minutes to prepare. Simple meal plans, grocery lists, and BURSTClub bonuses are also included. Most important, you will receive 10 powerful Keys to help you stop surviving and start living.

After 30 days on BURSTClub's 5 ALIVE Nutrition Plan, you will be equipped to:

    • Implement the 5 ALIVE Thinking & 5 ALIVE Eating Keys
    • Break free of restrictive behaviors associated with dieting
    • Discern the difference between ALIVE & DEAD thoughts and foods
    • Master Fat-Burning Food Combinations
    • Apply Metabolic Food-Timing
    • Eat 5 ALIVE Meals a Day
    • Shed stubborn pounds
    • Improve quality of sleep
    • Increase energy and feel more ALIVE
    • Stop Surviving & Start Living!

If you are ready to think, eat, and feel more ALIVE, BURSTClub's 5 ALIVE is for you!

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