Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is BURST Training?

    A: Burst Training is bursts of high-intensity exercise done in short intervals of time, followed by periods of rest.

  • How does Club Membership work?

    A: You have picked the Program(s) that will best equip you to reach your goals. In doing so, you will have use of that Program(s) for as long as you maintain access to The Club. Club membership is $24.95 per month after your first initial month of access.

  • Where do I find my BURSTTraxx?

    A: You will get one free BURSTTraxx download with each program you purchase. You can download it on your Member Login page or play it directly from your Daily Workouts pages. Should you want a different BURSTraxx, you may purchase others from the Store.

  • Can I choose to go forwards or backwards within my Program?

    A: It is best to proceed through your program as written because each workout is designed specifically to get you maximum results. However, you may choose to skip a workout, go back to one already completed, or proceed to the next day.

  • How do I track the workouts I've completed?

    A: When you have completed your workout, click the DONE button. The workout will then appear on the calendar on the COMPLETED WORKOUTS link. You will have the ability to click on any workout that appears on the calendar and review or repeat it if you desire.

  • If I miss a day, what should I do?

    A: Don't worry! There are really no "missing" days with BURSTClub. The goal for maximum results is to follow our Suggested Workout Calendar, but if you miss a day it will not throw off your progress. Just complete it when you next log in, click DONE then keep moving forward.

  • In Phase 2 of certain programs, the intensity increases to "4 Sets, 3 Rounds". When I've completed the entire 24 weeks and want to start over, do I keep doing "4 Sets, 3 Rounds" or go back to "3 Sets, 3 Rounds?"

    A: We recommend going back to "3 Sets, 3 Rounds." Experience and test groups have shown us that better results were achieved by those who went back to the basic 3 Set, 3 Rounds system because they increased their intensity and actually pushed themselves harder during these 3 sets. Over time, it is easy to adapt, get "lazy" and not really give it your 100% maximum intensity. Remember, you get out of it what you put into it! So dropping the extra set will allow you to give it everything you have knowing you only have 3 sets instead of 4. No holding back or pacing yourself!! Get the results you want by going your hardest on EVERY set, regardless of the number!

  • Can I own more than one program at a time?

    A: Yes, you can own as many BURSTClub programs as you wish. You can work through one and then start on another once the first program is complete. Or you can switch back and forth between them; we do not recommend doing this, as our programs are designed to get you specific results when followed as outlined. HARDCore is the only exception, as it can be added into any program at any time.span>

  • How do I utilize my HARDCore workouts the best?

    A: HARDCore workouts can be "stand-alone" workouts or something you incorporate into any day of any program you own. You may wish to do HARDCore as your sole workout for the day, or pair it with any of our other workout programs.

  • Where can I connect with people?

    A: COMING SOON -- There is a Club Message Board where you can post your progress or comments, as well as comment on other club members progress. We also have a BURSTClub community on Facebook so you can join in on conversations with people who are doing BURSTClub all over the country! Sharing your experiences, stories, and successes through our Club Message Board and Facebook is a great way to encourage each other to press on!

Recommended Products
  • What products do you recommend for weight loss?

    A: We recommend Shaklee 180 for inch and weight loss. It is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the number one natural nutrition company in the United States. It is also backed by millions of dollars in research and a team of 70 doctors and scientists who have perfected the formulation. Shaklee 180 is clinically proven to help you burn ONLY fat and leave your lean muscle untouched, thus increasing the metabolism and the body's fat burning ability! It's safe, effective, and has helped a number of our BURSTClub members speed up their results.

  • What products do you recommend for building more muscle?

    A: We only trust Shaklee, the number one natural nutrition company in the United States. We trust Shaklee because of the science, research, and safety of their products. 103 gold, silver, and bronze medals have been won by Shaklee-powered athletes who also trust these products to fuel their bodies. For building more muscle, we recommend drinking Physique Workout Maximizer immediately following your workout, followed by another Physique shake two hours later. Consider adding in a Shaklee 180 Smoothie later in the day to get extra Leucine, a muscle building protein, into your diet. Drinking Shaklee Performance during your workouts will aid in hydration, allowing you to go harder and boost your intensity, which results in increased lean muscle.

  • What products do you recommend for joint pain?

    A: If you are experiencing join pain and are looking for a proven, natural solution we recommend Shaklee Joint Health Complex. This is the only supplement on the market that has a FDA Approval on one of its studies, and is also endorsed by the national arthritis foundation. It has been proven to reduce pain in 5 days! We also recommend Omega 3 Complex for inflammation.

  • What products do you recommend for extreme soreness?

    A: First and foremost, we recommend stretching, stretching, and more stretching! It is vital with BURSTClub to rest your body and do additional stretching. But there are some natural things you can supplement the body with to help it recover faster from a workout. Drink a Physique Workout Maximizer immediately following your workout to help repair damaged muscles quicker. Drink Performance hydration drink before, during, and after your workout to get water into your muscle cells.

  • What products do you take for endurance and energy?

    A: A lack of energy throughout the day as well as decreased endurance during a workout can stem from a nutritional deficit. So the first place to start is with a healthy diet, and then supplementing with Shaklee Vitalizer for men or women and daily protein in the form of a healthy bar or smoothie. For additional energy boosts, try Core Energy tablets or grab an Energy Chew that is full of B vitamins and green tea extract. For that mid-afternoon slump, drink a natural Energy Tea to give you the boost you need. Performance hydration drink is great for sipping on throughout the day.

  • Why are the programs 6 months?

    A: Many workouts leave you wondering what to do next after you have completed a 30, 60, or 90-day program. Not BURSTClub! While we are here to help you achieve your specific health and fitness goals, we also equip you to experience results as part of a long-lasting lifestyle! BURSTClub is not about fad diets or programs that hype up losing weight in 90 days or less yet offer no solutions for the long-haul. Why 24 weeks? Because for most of us, it takes time to develop a good habit. We believe anyone can form a habit of exercising 15 minutes per day for a few days a week. The best part? We have the results to prove it!

  • Why 20 second bursts?

    A: Studies show that short, intense bursts are the most effective way to position the body to burn fat for hours following a workout. The effectiveness of a burst is determined by the level of intensity. 15-45 seconds is the range an individual can typically perform at maximum intensity. Test market research showed that the average person could go at 90-100% with maximum effort for 20 seconds rather than for longer periods of time. This generated better results compared to longer bursts where individuals paced themselves or decreased their effort to 40-50% of their maximum.

  • How vital is my nutrition to my overall success with BURSTClub?

    A: Nutrition is 70-80% of anyone's success in overall fitness and health. What you put into your body does matter! We recommend eating more real food than processed, fake foods as well as supplementing your diet with whole food protein and vitamins.

Modifications & Injuries
  • What if I can't do a push-up?

    A: There are many ways to build up strength in your arms, chest, back, and core in order to be able to do a push-up. You will find that doing our other BURSTClub exercises that involve holding a plank position will strengthen these necessary muscles. But if you are unable to do a push-up, substitute the exercise shown with doing a push-up against a wall, or on the back of the couch, eventually working your way down to being able to do one on a step. The last stage before you are ready to do a full push-up is to get in the plank position and place your knees on the floor. Keep the core tight and back nice and flat as you do your push-ups from this position.

  • What it I have an injury and can't do a certain exercise?

    A: If you have an injury that is preventing you from doing specific exercises, follow our modifications, swap it out for one of your favorite moves, and try out our recommended supplements that help with joint and muscle pain.

  • If I modify an exercise will I still get results?

    A: Your results are determined by your intensity. So modifying the exercise may decrease the intensity to your body to some degree, but you still control the intensity with which you perform the exercise. When modifying, still give it 90-100% of your maximum effort. As your strength increases, try to do the exercises as recommended. But never feel that modifying is "cheating" your results. Do what you personally can, push yourself to improve, and in 12-24 weeks you will look back and be shocked at your progress!

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