BURST Training

What is BURST Training?

Burst training is high intensity, short duration exercise. Each short burst (usually 20-30 seconds) is done at maximum intensity and is followed by a brief rest. B.U.R.S.T. stands for Body’s Ultimate Response Shock Training™. We have discovered a way to get you the ultimate response from your workout in just a few minutes a day. Sound too good to be true?

While it may seem like a gimmick (we were skeptical at first too!), burst training has been used for years by Olympic athletes because they understand the effectiveness of higher intensity exercise for short intervals of time. But it’s not just a training style for the elite athlete. Studies show that burst training is the most effective way to get the body burning fat for hours following a workout (see below). We all need some of that! And the benefits go far beyond fat burning!

15 Benefits of Burst Training:

Increase Muscle
Improve Cardiovascular Fitness
Decrease Fat
Improve Respiratory Fitness
Lose Weight
Increase HDL Cholesterol Levels
Increase VO2 Level
Regulate Blood Pressure
Increase HGH (Growth Hormone)
Improve Circulation
Decrease Cortisol
Reduce Inflammation
Strengthen Immune System
Decrease Mortality
Increase Positive Mood

How BURST Training Burns Fat Faster

Although fat burning is a sizzling hot topic of many books, magazines, TV shows, and social media conversations, two out of three Americans are overweight to obese and our kids are not far behind. What we are currently doing around burning fat is obviously not working. We want to chime in on this discussion with a little different approach than fad diets and long hours of exercise.

When it comes to fat, the body can do one of two — burn it or store it. If you are of the mindset that you won’t burn fat unless you do at least 20 minutes (or more) of cardio, we hate to break it to you…you’ve not been told the whole story. The truth of the matter is that the body will always burn the opposite of whatever it burns during a workout. Cardio workouts (long duration, low intensity) trigger the body to burn fat during the workout, which means for up to 24 hours after, the body burns sugar.1 Sugar gets stored in the muscles as glycogen and used for energy. So by digging into these muscular sugar stores for hours a day, it is essentially like breaking down your muscle. This is detrimental to your weight loss efforts or even just healthy living and maintenance efforts because lean muscle is the key to us having a supercharged metabolism.

So while there are many great benefits to cardio, it primarily triggers the body to only burn fat for a short period of time (during your actual workout) and to live on stored sugars in your muscle for the primary part of the day. This cycle of combatting our excess weight with a fad diet and hours of exercise is not necessarily doing our metabolisms any favors!! 2

On the other hand, when you do burst training, which is primarily anaerobic, your body does not have time to get into your fat stores for fuel. During our BURST™ training workouts you will only burn sugars during, causing your body to burn fat (the opposite of sugar) for hours after you’re done! Incorporating our BURST™ training workouts into your weekly routine can completely change your shape, mentality, endurance, speed, and strength.

Doing a workout that will protect and build lean muscle will recharge your metabolism, help you shed unwanted fat, and truly set you up for a lifestyle of healthy success.

Success Formula for Burning Fat:

No!Burn FAT During = Burn SUGAR for Hours Later
Yes!Burn SUGAR During = Burn FAT for Hours Later

1. Journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise; Burst Training Burns Fat for 24 Hours;1996.
2. Cunnigham JJ. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1980. Nov; 33 (11): 2372-4.

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